I am Mohammed Elagouz,
a UX designer based in
Austin,Tx USA

For the past 10 years I have been designing for the human experience, from digital interfaces to living spaces and urban planning. I love a creative challenge, and design thinking is one of my strengths. My core principles are integrity and compassion. I work smart and I do my best to see the positive side of complicated situations in order to amplify and reflect it.

WHAT I DO: My training as a UX designer and experience working in the startup environment has taught me how to develop and manage the entire user experience from start to finish. I excel at translating research data into interactions through:

  1. - Ideation from concept maps, user flows, system diagrams and navigation systems, to running design studios, sketching and storyboarding.
  2. - Developing prototypes, lo-fi wireframes and hi-fi UI/mockups.
  3. - Prototyping with HTML/CSS/jQuery (I’m also exploring prototyping with xCode). I’m early adopter of new technology and love learning new things everyday.
  4. - User testing to validate my ideas.
  5. - Iterating my designs based the test results.

Also, my experience designing living spaces as an architectural designer dovetails perfectly with my passion to work with IOT and VR design.

WHATS NEXT: I love to help people and make them happy/laugh. I also love to learn new cultures and experience new places. In the past 10 years, I have lived, studied and worked in the US and Egypt and I am willing/looking to relocate in search for my next adventure. I’m looking for a cultural fit with a talented team, great work/life balance, an awesome work environment/space, and the possibility to do what i love.