PROJECT ID: GA_project_five

DURATION: Three Weeks

TEAM: Mohammed Elagouz, Julia Jueckstock, Daniel Jin Kim

YEAR: 2015

TOOLS: Sketch, Pen and Paper, axure

DELIVERABLES: Presentation slides, 40 Screens/states, Design documenation


Project brief

Mission: The human rights society index aims to spread information and awareness about specific human rights issues around the globe. We value the power of information and the possibility to motivate action.

Humanix values the power of information and the possibility to motivate action.

Functions/Objectives: Easy to navigate - the user will easily know how to get around the app and will know where he/she she is within the app at any given point.Rankings and comparison of rankings - users will be able to see country scores by filtering different countries and specific human rights issues.

Information that leads to reacting that leads to action- the further a user steps into each human rights issue, the more possibilities open for action.

Who: People and activists that are already involved in human rights issues and people that are inclined to get involved and are interested in learning more about human rights issues.

What: The user needs easy and quick access concise data for each human right issue pertaining to each specific country. This data should be informative, relevant and to the point. Ideally the data will incline action.

When: A hybrid app should make this information accessible quickly at any time and in any format, ideally even when offline.

Where: The application can be used anywhere using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or any other device that can access the web.


Stakeholder and User research

Interviews analysis

Persona development

Plan and discovery

Concept Maps

User flow/Nav systems



First Design Studio

Secound Design Studio

Design Pattern

UX Specs/Interactions


A. Findings

B. Retrospective